– Best Video Editor Application for 2018

Most of us love to edit videos on mobile so that we can share it on social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Editing a video adds the charm to video and it becomes more appealing to

CamCard – A Unique and Efficient Business Card Management Solution

One of the toughest tasks is to keep the business cards safely and the other tough part about this is finding the right business card during the time of need. There are many applications to save the

Application Review – Free Invoice Generator for Android Device

Many of us work as a freelancer or we have a small business. In this age of the internet, our business is going global and thus we need tools to generate an invoice and manage accounts. Some

File Manager HD

File Manager HD is a file manager for Android that has been specially designed to run on devices with large screens. The first time you run the app, the tool lists the contents of the memory card

ColorNote Notepad

ColorNote Notepad is a notebook inside your device with Android operating system. And more than that: he create lists and messages so you don’t forget what to do. When you open the application click Add Note (Add