Application Review – Free Invoice Generator for Android Device

Many of us work as a freelancer or we have a small business. In this age of the internet, our business is going global and thus we need tools to generate an invoice and manage accounts. Some people opt for invoice generators but there is no point in investing heavily in such a tool when you can get an invoice generator for free. That is right, our team came across this tool on Android and the application is named as Free Invoice Generator. Since last few months, our team is using the application to mail the invoice to the clients. Here is a small review of the application along with the features.

Features of the Application

• The application is used for creating the invoice. It is really easy to use the application and in addition to this, the application has a very neat interface which makes it really simple to generate the invoice.
• To generate the invoice, all you have to do is that you have to enter the details of your business along with the details of your client. Once that has been added, you can add the item details for the invoice and you may then generate the invoice.
• It is possible to share, download and email the invoice in the pdf version. The invoice generated has a neat layout which helps the client in understanding the invoice without any difficulty.
• You can also print the invoice if you have a network printer and it is possible to mail the invoice directly to the client with help of this application. The application adds the details of your business on the invoice that is generated.
• In one of the recent updates, the application was made compliant to GST and that helps you in charging the right tax to your client. In addition to this, you will be legally compliant while using this application and hence you will not attract any unwanted legal trouble.
This application is widely used by the freelancers as it helps them in creating professional looking invoice along with the tax report. In addition to this, the application has an overall rating of 4.6 stars and the application has been rated by 1900 users. In terms of stars, the application has received a 4 and a 5-star review from more than 1750 users.
The application has been installed by 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh users and hence it can be said that the application is helping these many businesses. As mentioned earlier, the application is free to use and all you need is a smartphone with Android 4.1 and above. This is surely one of the best application for generating the invoice.
If you are not willing to purchase an expensive software for generating the invoice then you may simply go ahead and download this application. Below is the download link for the application which will redirect you to the google play store.