CamCard – A Unique and Efficient Business Card Management Solution

One of the toughest tasks is to keep the business cards safely and the other tough part about this is finding the right business card during the time of need. There are many applications to save the business cards on the phone but there are certainly some applications aren’t really efficient. Most of the applications are not able to read the details of the business card properly and hence they end up saving the wrong details on the phone. We found an application which is highly reliable and the name of this application is CamCard. The application is known for quick and accurate results. Let us now have a look at the features of this application so as to understand the usability of the application.

Features of CamCard

• The main feature of the amazing application is that the application can take the picture of the business card and convert the images into the text. With the complex algorithm, the application will sync the text to a new contact entry on the phone. This basically enables the user to enter the data without manually feeding it and it also saves a lot of time of the user.
• Another feature of the application is that this application makes it possible to share the electronic version of the business card with the other user and you do not have to keep the printed copy of your business cards with you.
• The application makes it possible to add notes and reminders to the different contacts on the phone. This makes it possible to remember the details which are important.
In terms of the average rating, the application has an average rating of 4.4 stars and it has been reviewed by over 95 thousand people. Out of these 95 thousand people, over 83 thousand people have given a straight 5 star and 4-star rating to the application. There was a recent upgrade released for the application on 6 December 2017 and in this update, many bugs were fixed. Apart from the optimization, there were certain cosmetic changes in the UI of the application as well. The application has been reviewed by several experts and most of these developers loved the application. This is one of the must-have application for managing the chaos of the business cards and it makes it really easy to manage the minute details with this intelligent application.
In most of the cases, the application can be installed on the android device working on 4.1 Android or anything above this but this can vary from one device to another. At present, the application has a user base of 50 lakh to 1 crore users across the globe.
If you are also sick of the keeping business cards safely and manually feeding the information in the phone then you must also download the application. Here is the link for the application and the link will redirect you to the google play store.