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HealthKartPlus : Health App

The HealthKartPlus is a practical diagnostic tool prior to Android. Developed by doctors, the tool helps identify diseases according to the symptoms. After identifying some possibilities, the application then suggests possible treatments. HealthKartPlus also allows specific treatments

Less salt equals healthier heart

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the world. The modern lifestyle, with a lot of stress, lack of physical activity and unhealthy nutrition is responsible for approximately 80% of cardiovascular disease. Among the many

Consumption of vegetables can reduce “bad cholesterol”.

It is well spread the notion that the consumption of fruit and vegetables is good for your health. Proof of this is that most of the guidelines that govern medical actions, especially with regard to cardiovascular diseases,

What women should do to prevent heart disease

Today are known dozens of risk factors that contribute to the development of disease and death, the main ones being: hypertension, smoking, poor diet in fruit, alcohol use, environmental pollution, high body mass index (overweight and obesity),

Discover the link between negative emotions and heart disease

It’s the old notion that negative emotions, intense stresses and vital crises, such as those that occur as the loss of a loved one, separation, job loss, retirement etc., influence decisively the health. In turn, several surveys