ColorNote Notepad

ColorNote NotepadColorNote Notepad is a notebook inside your device with Android operating system. And more than that: he create lists and messages so you don’t forget what to do.

When you open the application click Add Note (Add note) and select between create a text or a list. The first can remind you of dates, people or important appointments. The second can be used for groceries, for example.

The first option (Text) allows you to create a note with a title and text with comments. In the upper right corner, you can choose a color for this note. If desired, you can add an alarm to the unit tell you when something needs to be done.

When writing the note, the title is automatically created, but you can change it later. This is the title that appears on the sticker on the main screen. The note is saved automatically. To signal that this task was accomplished, select Check in the Menu.

The second option is to create a Checklist. Here it is also possible to separate by colour and add warning alarms. You create a title, as shopping list, and add the necessary items. To scratch them, just click on the desired item.

Colored stickers on homescreen

After you create a note or a list you can put them on the homescreen of the appliance so that they function as colored stickers stating what should be done. For this, return to the main screen of the device.

Choose any one of the five screens of Android and press an empty space for a few seconds. In the next window, select Widgets and then ColorNote. By clicking on the application it shows all lists and notes created by you.

Select the note you want to insert on the screen and it appears using the title and the color previously chosen. ColorNote Notepad is a simple and easy-to-use application, eliminating their life the old pad of paper.

Above you gave a complete description about the ColorNote Notepad and its functionalities, know now what we think of Despite being very simple, ColorNote Notepad is useful and functional. The application is in English, but has an interface that facilitates its use. The ability to create lists or notes is also a positive feature. The widget for Android homescreen was also very well thought out, because the colored adhesive looks good on the screen and takes up little space.