File Manager HD

File Manager HD is a file manager for Android that has been specially designed to run on devices with large screens. The first time you run the app, the tool lists the contents of the memory card (SDcard).

All relevant filters are left, as Storage (storage), System (System), Gallery (Gallery), Download, Music and Movie (movies).

To keep your finger pressed for a few seconds in one of the files in the list, you can check the options Details (Details), Open (Open), Copy (Copy), Delete (Erase) and Share (Share).

file manager hdThis last feature is particularly useful in time to share apps with friends. At the top of the screen, you can also view some basic shortcuts, such as Home, back, forward etc.

Above you gave a complete description about the File Manager HD (Tablet) and its features, learn now what we think of If you are looking for a simple and very efficient option to manage the files on your File Manager HD tablet (Tablet) brings a solid set of features to assist.

The interface of the application stands out for its elaborate design and organization. In landscape mode, you feel like you’re using the file browser from one computer. The icons are positioned at the top of the screen also streamline the process of browsing.

Another view of the tool is that you can perform any operations with files and folders, such as copy, paste, cut, delete and even share. The last option is quite useful in time to transfer files, such as photos, music and apps, for example.

Moreover, the filters located in the left pane also streamline the process of managing the files. You can view your gallery or your entire music library playing only one button.

The only element that may annoy some people is the banner advertising loaded at the bottom of the screen. However, the small ad is not positioned so invasive and does not negatively affects the usability of the system.