HealthKartPlus : Health App

healthcartplusThe HealthKartPlus is a practical diagnostic tool prior to Android. Developed by doctors, the tool helps identify diseases according to the symptoms. After identifying some possibilities, the application then suggests possible treatments.

HealthKartPlus also allows specific treatments are a considerable list. Furthermore, the program is also able to find doctors — according to all specialties — and hospitals next to the user or in a specific address.

In addition, the app also features an area on which you can archive a particular medical history. The field, named My HealthKartPlus, also archives of your choice and medical data on health plans.

Our opinion Above you gave a full description on the HealthKartPlus Health and its functionalities, know now what we think of him

No, HealthKartPlus Health could hardly replace the careful work of a good doctor. However, the practical application launched by the namesake developer certainly serves, as the name suggests, like a good screening tool. In short, HealthKartPlus Health does not propose to replace a query. But surely you can give a good idea about the source of his strange pain in my left ear lobe.

The use here could not be more intuitive. The first item of the HealthKartPlus Health menu brings the Symptoms. This is where you will show your prescriber or where exactly is the virtual problem. And it is equally simple: there’s a human body posted in front of you (male or female). Just show them where it hurts.

While playing in a specific portion of the template appears, the program will raise several possibilities, bringing the technical names and kinds of associated symptoms. Thus, when touching on the head of your avatar here, for example, you can decide whether, after all, about a migraine with aura or a panic attack that announces itself.

In addition to the diagnostic tool, the HealthKartPlus Health also includes lists of diseases and medical procedures. Again, all well-organized in light menus, easy to navigate and with nice visual — unless you discover that requires an amputation, naturally.

There is also a practical tool which, however, ends up being of little use to anyone using HealthKartPlus Health in Brazil. The app lets you find doctors and hospitals close to their location at any given time — the problem is that it never returns anything in tupiniquim territory.

Finally, the application still brings a very interesting area so that you can organize your own medical history. In My HealthKartPlus is possible call their favorite doctors, your treatments at any given time and also data about your health plan. Again, all in an organized manner and intuitive.

Anyway, it never hurts to reinforce: HealthKartPlus Health was not proposed to replace effective consultations with doctors of the flesh. But yes, the tool works well and is certainly a good choice for sorting, searching and for the overall organization of your history