Facebook introduced the Hello application that will replace regular phone Calls


Make calls as usual will become outdated, but could not identify the incoming number, contact the unruly, and they rarely take advantage of new technology like Wi-fi calling.

Now Facebook is introducing an app to fix it all called Hello. Quoted from The Verge (22/04) this application aims to modernize the telephone call and also aims to put Facebook as a communication centre for all activities of the user. Among the features that owned one is users can make free phone calls using Wi-fi.

Hello allows you to call the contacts saved on the phone with charge to the operator, but also implements via Facebook Messenger with mobile data charge or toll calls through Wi-Fi networks.

In addition, like the app by default in Android, Hello identifies numbers that called us, block calls from certain numbers and even to search for numbers by name of the person or name of establishment. All this by connecting to Facebook servers.

Regarding its design, maintains the blue and white tones, round avatars and Material Design, used by Mark Zuckerberg for all applications of the social network.

For the moment, Hello is not available in Mexico, however, the arrival of this app is expected in the coming weeks.

Hello can already be downloaded free through Google Play. The company revealed three key features that exist in the application, one of which is Facebook could recognize who is calling so that users can know who is calling even if you didn’t keep the identity of the caller.

This application also promotes free calls via Wi-fi using Voice over Internet Protocol. Features that have long been part of Facebook Messenger may be more widely used in Hello, and when a user misses a call, Hello offers the option to respond by using the Messenger.

Hello is a new effort to bring Facebook as the core of the operating system. According to Andrea Vaccari as Product Manager Express for now Facebook has not plans to take advantage of these applications directly. Facebook wants to make the world more open and connected. They think that that is the core of the Mission of Facebook.