ZERO Launcher

zeroZERO Launcher is a launcher perfect for you who wants to change the look of your Android without affecting the usability of the system or wasting resources. The program offers a complete ecosystem that includes themes, compatibility with native widgets, many quality icons and 3D transition effects.

By default, the app comes with a theme that is applied the first time that the launcher runs. However, playing on the shortcut “Theme”, you access a long list with options to suit all tastes. You can also find dozens of wallpapers in “Wallpaper”.

In “Lock Screen”, you can activate a specially designed lock screen to ZERO Launcher and, in “Preferences”, you can change the size of the grid from the homescreen and make other aesthetic changes in the launcher.

Above you gave a complete description about the ZERO Launcher and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
ZERO Launcher is a quality option for those looking for a complete, beautiful and launcher with good possibilities for customization. With dozens of themes very tasteful, colorful wallpapers and 3D transitions, the app will draw the attention of those who enjoy elegant interfaces and very colorful.

Dozens of themes

Besides the impeccable standard theme’s visual, there are hundreds of options that can be downloaded to suit all tastes. The icons can also be altered, as well as the desktop wallpaper.

Another interesting feature is that all options of ZERO Launcher are shown in a dynamic bar directly on the homescreen that you always keep your finger flat on the initial screen for a few seconds. In this way, it is not necessary to navigate through complex menus to perform basic changes in the app.

Customizing everything

During our assessment, ZERO Launcher proved to be very stable on a Samsung Galaxy S4, even when we made dozens of changes and we downloaded several themes and wallpapers packs, demonstrating that the app has potential to suit those seeking a reliable system for the day to day.

Another differentiator that adds points to the interface Manager is the full compatibility with widgets and system with third-party widgets. Create folders to organize the apps of the homescreen is also a possible action and very intuitive.